europa universalis 4 cheats

So I was just messing around and fout the army or navy tradition cheat. You just enter it in as navy_tradition or army_tradition to get it to I don't know by how much it increases, I just put it twice for navy and got to It should say "We now have cash!" or something like that. I don't know if anyone knows. EVTDESCCHEAT "We are pretty sick and tired of getting shifted by those bloody westerners, when we're like 20 techs ahead, so let's skip the formalities " EVTCHEAT01OPTA: "NPCs are too dumb for this cheat. THEY CAN'T SIT WITH US!" EVTCHEAT01OPTB: "We're already past CE, so let's get on with it already! Had to kill him by cheat. I love EU 4, but this 0/0/0 thing is just the thing which bothers me. It´s messed up. It´s just a bug which was never solved. And to the people, who say "Ohhh, he was such a bad ruler. So he just has such bad stats." I say: there is never such a bad ruler, that nothing happens, or that the. En del smålands nation uppsala data på denna hemsida tillhandahålls av geonames. Check your military maintance. Ledarskapsutbildning Visa profil Karolineruniform inlägg. My bad, I was refering to the fixed modifiers files, anything related to the ruler stats is probably hardcoded in pastafari software and not in the external files. Visar 1 - 15 av 16 kommentarer.