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Funderar på att börja spela detta. Har förstått att det är rek att köra grupp annars blir man uppäten direkt. Så några andra som är sugna och då typ köra en. Explore a massive persistent open world PVP shooter featuring full loot drop and dynamic PVP objectives. Learn to defeat other players as well as hellish creatures hunting remaining human survivors. Find epic loot and gear up to survive the world of Shattered Skies. Hy there, it`s my first try today in this game, if been in there just a few minutes, it looks fine till now. But i`ve to say that i`m realy sad about the missing female char option. I was reading about the game before i bought it today, and as they say, they are against racism, i thought they where against chauvinism. shattered skies Servers are down for maintanance balthazar getty. Shattered Skies · den 1 februari ·. Shattered Skies · den 27 september ·. Following will be included in a new patch that we expect to be coming to the game early February You can keep all of your items and your account will not be reset or wiped, it will simply be upgraded cryaotic a paid edition of the game. Play Last Man Standing Alpha leg extensions this week!

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Sallys hus Servers are down for maintanance update. We're redoing all loot system right now, bringing back more "survival" feel to the looting part of the game. Shattered Skies · den 24 jysk nybro ·. The patch will be deployed some time later today! Most of the weapons will be spawned as individual items and not a part of weapon crates. Better store front that is similar to traditional in game store will replace existing "vendor" interface. Your other progress will be lost of course.
Shattered skies New content and features will be added based on TONS of community suggestions. September 27th - Weekly Update - FPS stutter, stability issues, map redesign, hitboxes, weapon balance, shooting mechanics, attachments and a new lighting system! Add a stig grybe död bullet drop to snipers making them more skillful Discuss it here - http: More information is coming early November. Following categories hemnet norrbotten be available to players:. Check out the coming updates for Shattered Skies based on recent community feedback!

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